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Change Essential

      What is Relational Change?

It is a willingness to look at oneself.  At Change Essential, we will help you gain awareness around the issues that affect you and each of your relationships.

At Change Essential you will learn the components and its implementation, that can lead to having healthy intimate relationships in your life. You will be provided a safe space, whereby you can experience what it is like to be in a relationship, where there is honesty, integrity, trust, respect, values, within a safe environment. 

You will be provided a safe space that allows you to be seen, heard and validated.  Within this environment you can then take this experience and responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, actions and decisions thus leading to relational changes within all areas of your life.

Change Essential will help you look at the roadblocks and provide skills to be able to express your thoughts and feelings.  All of the above will lead you to having an ‘Intimate Relationship’, with self and others.  You will also become clear of what healthy physical, emotional and mental boundaries look like.  You will also gain further insight into your belief structures that maybe keeping you stuck. With a new awareness & a vast tool kit, you can work towards the eradication of these beliefs and replace them with new healthy belief structures that will serve you well. Excellent Emotional Intelligence allows a pathway for a connection of spirit to self.

Our purpose is to help you create this environment whereby you are empowered to bring enrichment to your relationships and to life itself.

Relational Changes can happen when we gain awareness around the issues that affect our self and their impact within each of our relationships.

We also offer expertise in the following areas:

Counselling with a Psychotherapy focus: Specializing in Trauma: - in relation to your relationships, health and work, Grief & Loss, Depression, Addiction, Clinical Supervision.





Relational Development

People seek Relational Development for a wide variety of reasons, including: Improvement of relationship with self and others. Learn the Art of Communications and what it really entails. Learn what your belief structures are that inhibit your relationships. Other reasons include: Communication issues, Separation, Loneliness, Trauma, Grief & Loss, Lack of Intimacy, Sexual issues, Childhood issues, Guilt, Shame, Parenting, Anxiety, Fear and Phobias, Low mood, Low self-confidence. Please see our ‘Learn More' on 'Counselling – Psychotherapy' page. We invite you to join us. Please click here to >> Contact Us. If emailing, please include a phone number.