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Change Essential

       What is Counselling with a Psychotherapy focus?

       Simply it is a Foundational catalyst for Change

At Change Essential, You, are the most important person within our service.  Psychotherapy is similar to Counselling in that they actually overlap.  Psychotherapy is more long term based that addresses your thought processes and your way of being in the world. 

At Change Essential, we will provide you with a safe and confidential space in a non-judgmental context in which clarity and perspective on the issues you bring to therapy can be addressed. This environment is underpinned by expertise, support, professionalism and practical methods that will allow you to move forward in your life. It is this respectful environment that allows the benefits of therapy to unfold.

It is often from sharing your story that we are able to gain insight and perspective, that will enable you to make informed decisions and build robust emotional intelligence.  It is important, not to just address the symptoms but to address the underlying causes, as this is what will provide you the freedom to live your life.

Our holistic approach encompasses all aspects of you: - emotionally, mentally and spiritually as each have an impact on your physical wellbeing.  Each of these areas of self, work in unison.  The work that we do, automatically engages each of these key aspects of self, that can bring a deep sense of change.

We also offer expertise in the following areas:

Relational Change: Specializing in Trauma: - regarding your relationships, health and work, Grief & Loss, Depression, Addiction, Clinical Supervision.





People seek Counselling for a wide variety of reasons, including: Personal Growth, Work Issues, Grief & Loss, Illness-Injury, Separation, Parenting, Childhood Issues, Relationship Issues. Please see our 'Learn More' on ‘Relational Change’ pageWe invite you to join us. Please click here to >> Contact Us. If emailing, please include a phone number.