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Change Essential

      What is Clinical Supervision?

At Change Essential, Clinical Supervision will assist you in the acquisition of complex clinical skills, enabling measurable outcomes and growth for your practice.

Clinical Supervision is also a professional requirement for all practicing counsellors and psychotherapists. This is to ensure that clinical welfare in relation to clinical safety, competence, professional and ethical standards are adhered too.

Supervision supports us in the most ethical safe and therapeutic environment we serve.

Know your Rights and Responsibilities for you as a Supervisee and the Rights and Responsibilities of the Supervisor.



Rights of a Supervisee to Receive:

A respectful, professional environment where a safe protected supervision space be provided to enable you to receive clear and focused constructive feedback. 

This is underpinned in a manner that is open and respectful to your view and learning style.

On-going, regular, systemic reviews of the supervisory arrangement.



Responsibilities of a Supervisee

To be open and honest in your preparation for supervision that will enhance your own learning.

An ability to monitor and evaluate your own work with reflection.

Apply learning from your supervision to your work.

Taking the opportunity to create learning partnership with your supervisor whilst creating ethical and professional environments for your work.

Rights of a Supervisor to Provide:

To be respected as a professional, inclusive of being informed of any constraints to a constructive supervision process.

To engage actively in a two-way contracting process that allows for a healthy supervisory relationship.

To receive clear and constructive feedback about the supervision process.

To break confidentiality in exceptional pre-agreed circumstances.


Responsibilities of a Supervisor

To treat the Supervisee and the Supervision process with respect by preparing adequately for the session.

Ensure clear professional boundaries for the supervision relationship are held and to ensure one’s own Supervision and Professional development is retained.

To provide clear constructive feedback whilst providing an ongoing opportunity for the supervisee to reflect & critically evaluate different aspects of their work.

Provide & promote opportunities for the supervisee’s skill development relevant to the supervisee’s clinical role.

Maintain appropriate records.

Counsellors/Psychotherapists seek Supervision for a wide variety of reasons, including: Meet Professional and Ethical Standards, Acquisition of Clinical Skills, Own Welfare, Client Welfare, Clinical Safety, Risk Management, Development of specified skills and competencies, Safeguard against burnout, What to bring and how to bring yourself and your client to Supervision, Gain an understanding of what Supervision is really about, Your rights as a Supervisee and Supervisor in a mirid of situations. For your own Professional Growth. Please see our ‘Learn More' on our 'Counselling – Psychotherapy' page & on our 'Relational Change' page. We invite you to join us. Please click here to >> Contact Us. If emailing, please include a phone number.